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About is a Caribbean based provider of Fuel and Fleet Management Solutions. Our team of associates and partners have several years of experience delivering Fuel and Fleet Management solutions to Clients who operate in a variety of industries across the Region.

Many Caribbean countries are faced with some of the highest fuel prices in the World and have to contend with major infrastructure challenges as it relates to roads and bridges. These problems exacerbate the costs of doing business for Caribbean entities in terms of Fuel and Fleet Management. We solve these problems by carefully researching, partnering and offering solutions from best of breed manufacturers in the Fuel and Fleet Management space.
Fuel and Fleet Management is at the heart of everything we do.

Our fuel management solution monitors and controls how your fuel is stored, distributed and consumed. We monitor fuel storage tanks including levels, temperature and moisture content. From there, we utilize RFID-based fuel dispensing to control who can pump fuel into your plant and equipment. This particular solution also removes the need for hand-written fuel filling sheets and replaces it with PDF reporting and electronic spreadsheets all available within minutes of a fuel related transaction taking place. Better data supports better decisions.

Our fuel consumption solution helps you get more out of every dollar you spend on fuel and reduces exhaust emissions. This particular solution can be installed on engines in a variety of plant and equipment including passengers cars, light and heavy duty vehicles, marine vessels, and generator sets. This solution can help reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30% and exhaust emissions by up to 80%. Good for your wallet and for the environment.

Our fleet management solution is more than just letting you know where your vehicular assets are day or night. In addition to basic location tracking, our solution allows for significant data collection, analysis and insights into how your vehicle is performing which supports your fleet maintenance efforts. This solution can also reveal and highlight staff driving habits from a safety perspective.
The Caribbean region consists of several countries with a combined population of over 15 million persons and combined GDP of over $50Bn USD. The majority of plant and equipment in use is powered either by diesel or gasoline engines.

While electric, LNG and CNG vehicles are available in some Caribbean countries, pricing remains expensive and there is a lack of infrastructure for charging and fueling. As such, these vehicles make up a small part of the motor vehicle market.  Without significant changes in pricing, infrastructure and regulation, diesel and gasoline engines will remain dominate for many years to come.

In the interim, more needs to be done in terms of getting the most out of the least amount of traditional fuel consumed, as well as being mindful of the environmental impacts of same. This represents a significant opportunity for manufacturers with proven Fuel and Fleet Management solutions who wish to enter the Caribbean market, but have limited experience and/or knowledge of the Caribbean region. By partnering with Us, we can open new markets for you.
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